Through our collective styling, design, and printing expertise, we embarked on developing a series of DIY mask making tutorials combined with custom printed t-shirts to do our part in serving the greater community through this COVID-19 pandemic.

In Case of Pandemic is a collaboration between @tristinstyling, @maddscienceprintlab, and @mixerink.

When Ryan of Mixer Ink found a huge customer need for unattainable face masks, he realized that he could fill that need through printing mask templates directly onto t-shirts. The day after Christine posted her tutorial, on YouTube for a DIY NO SEW Face Mask, he began collaborating with Christine from tristinstyling to fine tune the template so that it could also be a true ‘DIY NO SEW Face Mask. Just a t-shirt & scissors’ project for his customers.

The finished product is 4 custom, double layered, cotton face mask that can be upgraded with a filter pocket and/or nose wire pocket after following simple, easy to follow videos from our tutorials section.

When Ryan & Christine realized that the collaboration could work, they called on Tim from Madd Science Print Lab in Chicago to run their idea by him and on the spot, he can up with a perfect t-shirt design that will define this generation’s experience with making history though the world coming together by social distancing, and making masks to slow the spread of the Pandemic at hand.

Customers who wish to maximize the use of the fabric from the shirt can create 2 additional masks by following the tutorial for our ‘DIY NO SEW Face Mask. Just a t-shirt & scissors’ also found in our tutorials section.


It started with a simple tutorial on YouTube for a No Sew DIY face mask made out of a t-shirt sleeve requiring nothing but a shirt and scissors:

Based on video feedback, the design was upgraded to include a pocket for homemade filters (NOTE THE DISCLAIMERS!!):

Go to MIXER INK to order yours. (Ships from Los Angeles, CA)

Mixer Ink in Los Angeles, offers custom screen printing, direct-to-garment, & embroidery. Check out their CUSTOM PRINTED DIY Face Mask option with (4) mask cut-out templates. Email them the image you want and they’ll print an ship it right to you.

Go to: MADD SCIENCE PRINT LAB to order yours. (Ships from Chicago, IL)

Madd Science Print Lab in Chicago offers custom screen printing, & embroidery. Check out their IN CASE OF PANDEMIC t-shirt! You can actually cut-out the mask template on the back of this shirt to create a double layer cotton mask but you don’t really want to do that now don’t ya?! Original artwork by @super_creature

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